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Bronson has been described as a specialist DJ; however he likes to be called SELECTOR rather than DJ because of his origins in the business.  After a visit to Jamaica in 1977 kick-starting his music collection and borrowing his Dad’s double decks in 1982 for his debut gig, Bronson’s never looked back since.

Some of Bronson’ accomplishments in the business to date include lead singing in the band; Jah Lion and Captain Sound star , owning a record label and co-owning  and selecting  for Jam One Sound.

A devoted family man and a lifelong fan of reggae, DJing has taken Bronson all over the UK and Africa.  Among Bronson’s favourite singers are Delroy Wilson, Marcia Griffiths, Burning Spear and Luciano.

Bronson is a non-conformist flow selector that strives to give listeners music that feeds the soul.  Expect the unexpected when you tune into Bronson show