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Having years of experience is the key for being one of west London's finest street sound on the circuit.

We formed in the late 70's, Capricorn has played in nearly every club/venue on the street sound circuit being residents @ Nightmoves, All Nations, King on the Rye, Whispers club in Ealing, La Prison, Maxims, Lacey's, Plamtrees aka Club Zone and many more to mention over the years.

Playing in front of crowds exceeding 1,000-1,750 plus in venues like Tysson st, Abbot st, Ashwin st, Oxgate lane, Ruby centre, Bel Air, Regatta centre, Silverspoon to name a few and not forgetting their infamous Free Drinks Raves @ The Linford Christie Stadium in West then moving it over to South London plus the birthday bashes.

The current members in the sound are Jon Jon (original member/manager/selector), Sammy D (mic man), Jazzy P and Frantic Romantic (Joined 2006/selector) and we're still going strong