Rollout Wednesday

Wednesday 12pm


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Coppershot Disco is seen as the next step in entertainment having been performing their art for over Sixteen years and consistently being on top of the game. Founded in 1994 through a merger with Sage Enterprises, Coppershot boasts an impressive and energetic crew of hardcore music loving Jamaicans. Over the years this sound has been tested, tried and proven true, building a strong following in Kingston and the whole of Jamaica. Despite having been dubbed an ‘uptown sound’ Coppershot has proven they have the ingenuity and the right flavor for all crowds.

Having started from the aspirations of three young Campionties Matthew Gray, Jason Henriques and Shaun Anderson, Coppershot has since grown into an enterprise. They have expanded to ten members adding a variety of styles and enabling them to widen their scope to extensive play outs. The members include top selectors such as ‘Jigzagula AKA Jay-Z, Nero P, Mr. Shaun, DJ Donny, DJ Small Voice, Sanjay, Cutty, DJ Marc Chin and Dj Ash . The Coppershot name is so popular that if one looks at all the hottest party posters one will no doubt find their distinctive logo as the stand out selectors.

The sound is known for their versatility, playing at all kinds of events from birthday parties, weddings, stage shows, clubs, parties and more. Always holding true to their word and professional standards the sound has been enlisted by all the major corporate sponsors to play for their events. These include recurring jobs with Digicel, Red Stripe, Bmobile, Appleton and Smirnoff Ice. From the sound’s inception its talented crew have been consistently working alongside other popular sounds such as Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links, Bass Odyssey and Renaissance; proving themselves on par in the entertainment business