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Crazy One was born in Kingston, St Andrews, Jamaica. He has been playing music from the age of 12 year old. He started playing on a sound called 'Killer Lexus', and left Jamaica to come to the UK in 1998.

Not long after coming to the UK, he meet up with the owner of Ruff Touch Movements and continue his music journey. He left the sound and decided to go solo for a number of years and has recently rejoined back with Ruff Touch Movements (RTM) in 2017.

His favourite football team is Manchester United aka Red Devils

He loves.....Fry Chicken & rice'n'peas

At the present moment his day job is a driver, and when he is not driving its all about the music!

His ambition is to enter the World Clash and play along the big boys such as Mighty Crown, Killamanjaro etc.

He has 100% love for Unique Radio!!!