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Quincy aka Yung Quincy Born in London and grown up in all parts of the city. From the age of 10 a signed artist who, not long after high school turned DJ and today is one of the pioneers in Dancehall and Urban music. DJ Quincy has helped create platforms for many of the great artist(s) to date - to many to mention .

DJ Quincy's experience in radio embarks from many years of broadcasting on pirate radio then switching over to Corporate i.e Choice FM, whilst continuing to do guest appearances on BBC radio.

A household name for 10 years in Ayia Napa and also a headliner for many Club nights and festivals both national and international.

With all said be sure to check out DJ Quincy's legendary show "Urban Dancehall world" with the latest exclusives, blasts from the past and a special guest from time to time