The Do You Get Enough Soul Show

Monday 10pm



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Freddy Gee is the Arsenal supporting English Grenadian “Voice” behind Satisfaxion Sound that loves to see and talk about ladies wearing their sexy shoes and kinky boots. He says it’s not a fetish, it’s just what he likes lol.

Freddy linked up with Ian Sweetness and Kookie Irie Don back in 1989 forming the original Satisfaxion Sound and at that point mainly specialised in the party scene doing weddings, christenings, birthday parties and the occasional dances. Those were the good ole days of one sound all night, pure vibes and not ah repeat tune to be heard!!

A man with a real passion for fun and entertainment with an infectious personality that is more than apparent when you see him out and about doing his thing with the Satisfaxion family.
Listen to his show for some guaranteed laugh out loud fun and to hear some great music!